Wildflower Bespoke Turf

Wildflower Turf Ltd. uses its unique ‘soilless’ system to produce turf that is grown to order. The customer chooses their own seed mix (seeds can be supplied by the customer) and within 12 weeks (depending on time of season), the bespoke turf is ready for delivery. Wildflower Turf Ltd. uses its extensive experience to work closely with the customer to ensure a suitable mix is chosen to provide the required results.

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Wildflower Turf grown to order. Minimum 400m² order size.
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Technical specifications of
ourWildflower Bespoke Turf

Width & length Dependent on mix
Min / max est. Height Dependent mixture
Product weight (Typical) 18 kg/m²
Product weight (Typical saturated) 22 kg/m²
Delivery Palette à partir de 400 m²

Types of flowers in this Wildflower Turf

Wildflower Landscape Turf

Border wildflower turf

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We only deliver B2B from 100 m² onwards.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or interest!