Shade-tolerant wildflower turf

Shade-tolerant wildflower turf is specially designed for shady areas, mainly around/under trees, but also thrives on open plains thanks to the minimum 75% wildflowers and grasses. The seed mix consists of more than 40 different species (subject to availability) and therefore has a slightly greater variety than other mixes. According to BT Bloementapijten, the shade-tolerant wildflower turf is also the ideal product to apply under tree beds without damaging tree roots and soil life.

The flower meadow naturally produces a biodiverse habitat to support birds, mammals, bees, butterflies, and other insects

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  • Suitable for all soil types
  • For both small and large areas from 10m² to 10,000m²
  • Applicable in both dry and shady places.
  • Minimum maintenance: 1 to 2 mowings per year

Technical specifications of
ourShade-tolerant wildflower turf

Measurements ± 1m x 0,64m (0,64m²)
Min/max height Min: 30cm - Max: 75cm
Weight (dry) 18 kg/m²
Weight (saturated) 22 kg/m²
Supply options From 100m² (pallets per 50m²)

Types of flowers in this Wildflower Turf

Wildflower Landscape Turf

Border wildflower turf

Species rich lawn

Roof wildflower turf

Wildflower bespoke Turf

Wildflower earth

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We only deliver B2B from 100 m² onwards.
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