Wildflower Turf has expanded into Europe with its first distributor now operating in Belgium and serving the Benelux countries.

Frank Adriaenssens, a well-known landscape architect and garden designer, is a newly accredited Wildflower Turf installer and will distribute throughout Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg and beyond.

"Desire for wildflower meadows across the Benelux region is high," said Wildflower turf Managing director James Hewetson-Brown.

"Appreciation for the natural environment and the ‘back to nature’ philosophy has growing momentum. People are trying to reflect this philosophy in public and private spaces.

"Consequently the demand for wildlife-friendly planting to support biodiversity is on the rise and wildflower meadows perfectly comply."

Hewetson-Brown said: "We have been keen to help the Benelux market whose environment is clearly facing similar biodiversity issues."

Adriaenssens said: "The soil-less growing system of Wildflower Turf to create an instant wildflower meadow is a unique feature in Europe.

"The expertise of Wildflower Turf and the quality of products make it possible for European landscape professionals and gardeners to create an English wildflower meadow in short time."

He said the products were well suited to environmental and urban installations to improve environmental sustainability, manageability and biodiversity within strict planning regulations.

"Private gardens will benefit from the creation of a natural looking, low-maintenance and colourful area, forming a beautiful alternative to monotone and monoculture areas of mown grass."

Adriaenssens recently completed his training at Wildflower Turf, complementing his expertise in wildflower landscapes. He will advise clients creating wildflower meadows within days of laying.

"In a fast moving world where ‘slow food’ and ‘back to basics’ are gaining more ground, Wildflower Turf offers a beautiful and nature-aware concept."


source: http://www.hortweek.com