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Wildflower Earth


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Successful wildflower settlement is dependent on quick and robust seedling growth. Using Wildflower Earth provides an accurate seed rate, blended with a premium and extensively tested growing medium. This gives exceptional levels of wildflower seed germination and settlement. It provides low risk, guaranteed results delivering attractive, biodiverse wildflower settlement. In addition, Wildflower Earth requires considerably less investment in ground preparation, saving time and machinery costs. The results are considerably better than conventional methods of seeding wildflowers. 

 You would use Wildflower Earth 
  • where large areas of wildflowers need establishing whilst giving low risk guaranteed results
  • where access for groundwork is restricted or soil type limits conventional seed bed preparation
  • if you wanted to choose a bespoke mix of wildflower seed or use locally collected or rare species seed 
  • where you would normally use wildflower seed to save settlement and maintenance costs but wanted guaranteed results
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  • A seed-based product that is more reliable than conventional wildflower seeding methods
  • Lower overall cost per square meter due to minimal groundwork requirement 
  • Limited site preparation needed 
  • Wildflower Earth can be stored under cool dry conditions until installation date 
  • Very flexible with the choice of seed mixes 
  • Low maintenance – one to two cuts a year
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Any public or private areas where biodiverse wildflowers are desired.
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Cutting Cycle: cut to 25mm height and remove every autumn (a summer cut to a height of 150mm is optional). 
Watering: initial watering may be required depending on installation date. Summer laying will require extra irrigation. If there are long periods of dry or windy weather before plant growth begins, watering is advised.
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Delivered in 1m³ bulk bags, equating to 40m² laying amount in zippered bags for ease of access 
Typical weight: 400kg per bag 
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Min: 25 cm - Max: 75 cm