Inheemse bloemen - Bloementapijten - Bloemenmatten

White campion

Silene latifolia
  • white flower in slightly branched clusters;
  • slightly inflated, sticky calyx;
  • petals strongly toothed;
  • oval leaves;
  • petals drooping by day;
  • female and male flowers on different plants;
  • minimum length: 45 cm;
  • maximum length: 100 cm;
  • flowers from May to October;
  • light shade to full sun;
  • perennial;
  • pollination: day and night butterflies;
  • spread a sweet scent in the evening that attracts moths;
  • caterpillars of various butterfly species feed on the seeds. Additionally, insects overwinter in the seed pods;
  • poor, calcareous soils;