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An instant and guaranteed wildflower meadow

Thanks to the unique “soilless” concept, you will have a beautiful wildflower meadow thriving on a variety of substrates within weeks of installation.
From 2023 grown on a biodegradable paper base structure!


Gegarandeerde wildebloemenweide ✓ Wildflower Turf


Since 2023, we have been working with a rapidly degradable paper base structure. After years of R&D, Wildflower Turf Ltd. has succeeded in achieving this goal – making the products fully biological.

Wildflower turf is the fastest way to establish a wildflower meadow. The unique, almost “soilless” growing method of Wildflower Turf Ltd. ensures that once placed on the substrate, the roots continue to grow up to five times faster.

Correct seeding rates are crucial when creating a wildflower meadow. Wildflower turf is specially designed to overcome these challenges and, therefore, is a great solution for establishing an instant wildflower meadow.

The flower mats are stacked before transport. Because of their sturdiness, the mats do not break or tear when placed on the prepared surface.

The unique and almost “soilless” growing method of the flower carpets creates a dense root mat. Any weed seeds are therefore immediately suppressed.

Labour-intensive weeding is a thing of the past. After a short cut in autumn, a beautiful wildflower meadow can be enjoyed again in spring.

Wildflower carpets deliver breathtaking colour tones and contrasts to any environment or landscape, using wild plants that support existing fauna and flora

Wildflower carpets can be used for landscape projects as well as for private gardens, parks, schools, verges, embankments, banks, and urban spaces. Alternatively, thanks to their instant effect, wildflower carpets are the ideal solution for roof gardens.

Unlike monotonous grass areas, flower meadows create a natural habitat for birds, butterflies, and bees. This way, they contribute to biodiversity and the restoration of our natural habitat.

Wildflower Turf Ltd.’s years of expertise and ongoing research guarantee a successful flower meadow.

The rich species mix ensures that the wildflower meadow blooms on a wide range of substrates and can be enjoyed throughout the flowering season.

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Private garden

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Library Damme

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Langklaar, Nederland

high regeneration capacity

Flower carpets are an ideal product for cladding wadis. In addition, the flower carpets also provide cooling in a densely built-up city. Furthermore, the roots of the flowers store CO2 in the soil, thus functioning as the ideal carbon sink.

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