BT Bloementapijten is the exclusive distributor of Wildflower Turf Ltd. We work solely B2B.

Project van BT Bloementapijten ✓ Wildflower Turf - Bloemenmatten

About BT Bloementapijten

BT Bloementapijten has been the exclusive distributor of Wildflower Turf Ltd since 2014. Garden & landscape designer Frank Adriaenssens completed his knowledge of wildflower meadows through training at the renowned British company to give you the best advice for laying out your instant flower meadow with a flowering guarantee! In a rapidly changing world where attention to nature and its biodiversity is gaining importance, we at BT believe wildflower carpets deserve a unique place. This ecological and unique instant product makes us aware of the importance of our natural habitat and makes it possible again to enjoy nature in all its beauty.

James Hewetson-Brown, managing director of Wildflower Turf, adds: “We welcome Frank as one of our accredited partners and as our distributor for Benelux, where biodiversity issues are becoming increasingly prominent. We look forward to supplying our products in the Benelux.”

Project van BT Bloementapijten ✓ Wildflower Turf - Bloemenmatten


Awareness of the importance of biodiversity in our natural habitat is growing by the day. Both in public parks and private gardens, the back-to-nature trend is gaining importance. Wildflower meadows can make an important contribution here, partly through their beautiful and uncomplicated appearance. In addition, it is an ideal solution for large areas due to minimal maintenance costs.

A beautiful English flower meadow

Thanks to Wildflower Turf Ltd’s unique concept of flower carpets, it is possible to create an instant flower meadow. Additionally, Wildflower Turf Ltd’s extensive experience and knowledge provide a guarantee for quality products, which makes the creation of a beautiful English flower meadow suddenly within the reach of every creative garden and landscape architect.


The applications of wildflower turf are varied.

The flower meadow creates a natural biotope for birds, butterflies, and bees. As such, they can also make an important contribution to landscaping as well as metropolitan projects for a sustainable and liveable environment.

With their colourful and natural appearance, these flower carpets are a wonderful alternative to the monotonous grass fields in many gardens and parks.

In addition to these more traditional applications, wildflower turf can also be used in innovative and challenging projects such as roof installations in urban environments, where they provide a dazzling contrast to the surrounding architecture.

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